SAVE THE DATE: MPS Art Therapy Department Fall Conference 2015

Friday, September 11, 2015, 9am-4pm
SVA Theatre 333 West 33 Street, NYC

Special Guest Speaker: Wangechi Mutu

Additional speakers and panelists and registration information to be announced.

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Class of 2015 Thesis Presentations

Thesis Presentations
Thesis Presentations

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SVA @ Materials for the Arts

Field Trip! Last Wednesday Val Sereno’s Community Access class went to Materials for the Arts for a fun-filled tour and a demo on a DIY recycled paper project involving scrap paper, a blender, a window screen, and lots of colorful collage materials. Thank you John Kaiser and everybody at Materials for the Arts!

This project is especially elegant because it encourages reusing and recycling materials that are readily available in all our daily lives. Envelopes from junk mail, scrap pieces of felt and used file folders all go into the process. It is a fantastic lesson in the creativity that can come from resourcefulness!

Materials for the Arts has it going on—everything from artist residencies…to free workshops…to MFTA TV.

Below, students pass around pitchers of liquid paper pulp to pour over a mesh screen. This is definitely something you could do in your kitchen!

Pass the pulp please

Selecting collage materials like dried flowers, tissue paper, and magazines:

Choosing materials

Dried leaves have new life

Papermaking @ MFTA

The results are beautiful and colorful!

Handmade recycled paper

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Art Therapy Outreach Center Client Exhibition

INsightOUT exhibition

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Holding on, Letting go

holding on, letting go

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Printmaking Without a Press

Lisa Furman's Printmaking Workshop 3.13.15

MPS Art Therapy Child Art Development and Thesis Project instructor Lisa Furman, ATR-BC, LCAT, LPC recently conducted a printmaking workshop for an enthusiastic group of Art Therapy Department students, program applicants, and staff.

Using found objects and simple, low cost materials, participants learned printmaking techniques that can be used in art therapy settings with a variety of populations. The techniques promoted a process-based approach to the materials that encouraged experimentation, problem solving skills and sequential planning, especially when multiple techniques were used in a single image. In art therapy practice, resistant clients with little or no artistic training can use these techniques to create beautiful, rich monoprints that encourage greater engagement in the creative process.

Lisa Furman's Printmaking Workshop 3.13.15

Techniques covered included:
1. Found Object Monoprints
2. Trace Monotype
3. Collage and Embellishment

Thanks to Lisa Furman for facilitating the workshop, and to the participants, who were able to generate a good deal of work in less than 3 hours.

Text by Lisa Furman and Art Therapy Department

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SVA Art Therapy @ IHOPE (Int’l Academy of Hope)

International Academy of Hope 3/13/15


The special project conducted with International Academy of Hope (iHOPE) in Harlem was a huge success! On March 13, our grad students visited the site and worked with staff and children to create expressive paper dolls with collage materials.

International Academy of Hope serves children, adolescents and young adults, age 5 to 21 who have sustained an acquired brain injury or other brain-based disorders, and who cannot be served in their local school systems.

1st year student Josh Brancheau, described his experience as “challenging and rewarding.  For me, the biggest challenge was communicating with kids that are nonverbal.  Yet, as we transcended the language barrier with the kids through the art, we were able to witness the pure joy of human connection.”

Kerry Ann Castoria, another 1st year student, worked with a young boy and facilitated a process of nuanced decision-making.

“I would place a different textured material into his hands and he would explore the tactile qualities of the material. He enjoyed ripping and crumpling up the tissue paper. He also tried to tickle his face with a feather. He then would place the object onto the figure in order to direct me as to where I should put glue. I would place the glue and the boy would tap the object into place.

Although most of our communication was nonverbal, the child was excited to verbally identify some of the stickers (“Blue Owl…Yellow Butterfly…Clown-fish…Starfish!”). The child even demonstrated some hesitancy over a placement he made with a material. He decided to rip it off and reconsider the area with a new material. In creating the paper-cut-out people, the project facilitated a lot of opportunities for nonverbal communication, self-expression, and an exploration of personal preferences for tactile materials.”

We hope to continue arranging projects at this new site!

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Taut: Alumni Residency Exhibition: March 20-27

Taut: Alumni Residency Exhibition

On view March 20-27: 

Friday, March 20: 6-8pm
Monday, March 23: 2-4pm
Tuesday, March 24: 2-4pm
Wednesday, March 25: 2-4pm, 5-6:30pm
Thursday, March 26: 2-4pm, 5-7pm
Friday, March 27:  3:30-5pm

Or by appointment, please contact 212.592.2610.

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Last Week: MPS Art Therapy Spring Exhibition


This year’s MPS Art Therapy Department Spring Exhibition, Open Invitation, will be on view through Saturday, March 15 at the SVA Flatiron Gallery, 133 West 21 Street, NYC. Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm; Saturday, 10am-6pm


This exhibition is an “Open Invitation” to participate with MPS Art Therapy students and the people they work with at their internship sites. As artwork from the therapeutic relationship is put on display, the general public is asked to contribute to the exhibition formation not only through their presence, but also by sharing artwork on the invitation card and adding it to the show. In an effort to enhance interpersonal value, the focus on process broadens the sense of community and inclusion.


MPS Art Therapy at SVA equips students with a strong clinical foundation, combined with intensive training in studio art, art therapy principles and practices, contemporary theories of psychological development and the nature of creativity. Fundamental to the program is the concept that the art therapist and client work together and thus can affect each other’s growth.

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Community Access at MoMA


Part of Val Sereno’s second year Community Access Through the Arts class is learning how an art therapist can effectively use the museum for any population. Francesca Rosenberg, Director of Community Services at the Museum of Modern Arts, led the class this past week.

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