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Macarena Rufin, ATR-BC, LCAT (Class of 2012)
FLY ON THE WALL is a rendering of the art psychotherapy process, communicated through film, music, photography and live improvisation. Viewers are invited to enter and explore the rendition, taking the visceral role of a “fly on the wall”. The client’s depicted in the work are both artists and “non-artists”, though its’ curators assert that all people have an artist within and are navigating this world artistically in some form or fashion. The goal of the exhibit is to highlight the relationship between client and art therapist using contemporary and multi-sensory modalities, furthering awareness of the field and practice of art therapy. The exhibit further strives to illuminate the client’s reflections and self-exploration of their artistic process, celebrating individuality and the uniqueness of their inner and outer experiences.



Show opening at the 440 GALLERY in the project space, June 4 – July 5, 2015. Opening Reception Saturday, June 6, 6-9pm.

Ellen Chuse, Karen Gibbons (Class of 2005), Nancy Lunsford
“Chronicles,” explores the process of myth, memory and exposition. Ellen Chuse’ work, “Little Jewels,” a series of small paintings hung in a grid, is the most abstract work in the exhibit. The colorful, jewel-like, seed imagery is a meditation on process and organic genesis. Karen Gibbons painted collages merge dream-like family photographs with animal imagery. The layered gem tones and gritty linear energy evoke a narrative mystery. Nancy Lunsford’s screen prints of vintage cars, a series called Memory Lane, are the most straightforward illustrative work in the show. Their sketchy simplicity, along with handwritten chronicles of cities visited by each car, transform the work into memoir.

Image Copyright © 2015 Karen Gibbons, All rights reserved.

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