Introducing Our 2017 Conference Speakers: Julie Lipson

In preparation for our 2017 Annual Conference, scheduled for September 8, 2017, we asked our guest speakers to share some information about their work and how it relates to the conference theme of innovation and integration.  We’ve heard already from Karen Gibbons and Jennifer Tantia in previous blog posts.  This week we introduce Julie Lipson, who discusses her work as a music therapist:

Julie Lipson, MA, MT-BC

My work feels innovative when clients start expressing their thoughts and feelings in a new way. Many clients experience this right away, after originally contacting me because talk therapy hasn’t been working for them. Drumming, singing a meaningful song, or creatively coming into contact with instruments can provide deep, fruitful experiences during which clients articulate their inner world in ways they may have never expected. It is this insight–seeing or hearing the self– which inevitably invites integration into the work. As they see themselves creating something new, even as the material stays constant, clients realize parts of themselves that can now be welcomed in as integrated parts of the whole self.


Julie Lipson, MA, MT-BC

Julie Lipson is a board-certified music therapist, folk-rock musician, and Camp Director.  She provides music therapy to groups and individuals in the greater Philadelphia area.  Julie owns Inner Rhythms Music and Therapy Center, which offers music lessons, music therapy, and affordable event space to the local community.  She is also a director at Camp Aranu’tiq, the summer camp for transgender youth.

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