Junk Sculpture

Creating a sculpture from junk is a transformative and powerful process. Part of the process may include active engagement in finding objects from the person’s environment, which allows meaning to develop as the client selects junk which they identify with or are attracted to. The client may also be presented with junk that was selected by the art therapist, with the intention of representing an environment familiar to the client.

Upon construction, the client has the opportunity to rework the objects which were previously discarded into an art product. This art product can result in an embodiment of pride or beauty, which speaks to the process of changing something unsavory into something desirable. Using junk materials to make art can be especially powerful for populations which may identify with being “discarded” such as those who are marginalized in society. In the context of the student examples, the directive for the project was to represent qualities of the self which are disowned. The materials used were a combination of objects found by the students and those presented to the class.

~Jenny Asaro, MPS Art Therapy Class of 2019

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