Summer 2018 International Program Works with AHRC NYC

On the final day of the exchange program students went on a site visit to AHRC NYC as a follow-up to a special project earlier in the program. AHRC is an organization dedicated to providing support to adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Last week a group from AHRC participated in a mask-making group at SVA; this week SVA and CIT students participated in an art making workshop onsite at AHRC. The workshop involved the use of recycled materials and tinfoil to create a collaborative mixed media piece, with students and AHRC members working side-by-side.

Mixed Media with AHRC NYC

The workshop felt like a lovely close to a rich week of events and lectures. As the art-making experience was facilitated by a program director at AHRC, students were able to ease into artist roles and casually collaborate with the entire group. The workshop ended with display of the collaborative artwork; all participants gathered to admire the work and photograph the finished piece. The student group returned to SVA for a farewell dinner as an official close to the program. Students were able to share reflections on the course and time in New York, as well as excitement for the upcoming Cork component. Overall the experience was an enriching one, laying the groundwork for further exchange of ideas and methods from CIT.

SVA and CIT students working with AHRC clients

Written and compiled by SVA MPS Art Therapy first-year student Jenny Asaro.

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