Artistic Noise Public Collaborative Art Event

A group of artists prepare a mural, working from a projected image on a wall in an art studio space.

Friday, November 16, 6-8pm
Artistic Noise Public Collaborative Art Event
132 West 21 Street, 5th Floor Studio
Open to the Public
The young people of Artistic Noise, in collaboration with MPS Art Therapy, invite the public to participate in their mural installation. Collaboration involves offering the youth creative opportunities to assume leadership and receive social support.  Artistic Noise is a private nonprofit that exists to bring the freedom and power of artistic practice to young people who are incarcerated, on probation, or otherwise involved in the justice system.
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Travel Sketching

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Community Murals

SVA MPS Art Therapy first-year students in the Methods & Materials class created collaborative murals in which they designed a community (real or imagined) anywhere in the world or beyond. Murals have a myriad of therapeutic benefits such as fostering opportunities for discussion and building a sense of cohesiveness within the group.  Spray chalk and artist pastels were used to design each community.

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Ethics & Technology in Art Therapy

Join us for our next Community Lecture Series!
Friday, October 19, 2018
133/141 West 21st Street, Room 101C
Free and Open to the Public
Register in Advance

School of Visual Arts, MPS Art Therapy Department is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Mental Health Practitioners as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed creative arts therapists. #CAT-0054.
1.5 CE hours available for LCATs.

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Current Exhibitions in Chelsea

Endless Enigma: Eight Centuries of Fantastic Art
Address: 537 West 20th Street, NY 10011, New York Chelsea, USA
Dates: Wed 12 Sep 2018 to Sat 27 Oct 2018

David Zwirner presents Endless Enigma: Eight Centuries of Fantastic Art, a thematic exhibition spanning two floors of the gallery’s West 20th Street location in New York.

“Organized in collaboration with Nicholas Hall, a specialist in the field of Old Masters and nineteenth-century art, this exhibition takes as its point of departure Alfred H. Barr Jr.’s legendary 1936 exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, Fantastic Art, Dada, Surrealism, which not only introduced these movements to the American public, but also placed them in a historical and cultural context by situating them with artists from earlier centuries. Drawn from international museum and private collections, the exhibition at David Zwirner includes more than 130 works from the twelfth century to the present day.”

Sam Falls
Address: 555 W 21st Street, NY 10011, New York Chelsea, USA
Dates: Wed 12 Sep 2018 to Sat 20 Oct 2018
303 Gallery presents their first exhibition of new work by Sam Falls.

“Sublimating the natural world in works that both defy and embrace the basic functions of art, Falls’ works record specific moments in time as well as the infinite human impulse to commune with nature. For the series of paintings on view, Falls brings large sheets of canvas into the deepest corners of America’s national parks, covering them with dry pigments and arranging bracken and found flora to create intricate patterns. These arrangements are then left exposed to the elements, where dewdrops, mist, rain, sun and atmosphere activate the pigments. This process, similar to a photogram, records not only the formal qualities of the plant life, but also a semblance of the psychological and climatic substrata that constitute a tenuous definition of ‘place.’ These works, large in a New York gallery but mere blips in the overwhelming space of nature, point to the inescapable omnipresence of the natural world in our lives outside society – the circadian rhythms and innate formal reflexes that determine what might be interpreted as beautiful, optimistic, pleasing, virtuous, ominous, or frightening. That nature itself has been perhaps the most pervasive concern of art since the beginning of mark-making should be no surprise.”

Fausto Melotti: The Deserted City
Address: 548 West 22nd Street, NY 10011, New York Chelsea, USA
Dates: Thu 13 Sep 2018 to Sat 27 Oct 2018

Hauser & Wirth presents ‘The Deserted City,’ an exhibition dedicated to the seminal Italian post-war sculptor, painter, and poet Fausto Melotti.

“The Deserted City’ is curated by Edoardo Gnemmi, Director Fondazione Fausto Melotti, and sheds new light on Melotti’s marriage of sculptural mastery and poetic sensibility through a unique exhibition design that draws inspiration from the metaphysical landscapes of Giorgio de Chirico’s paintings and Alberto Burri’s magnum opus, ‘Grande Cretto.’ Creating an environment that hovers between the earthly and the otherworldly, ‘The Deserted City’ situates Melotti’s work within the context of his fellow Italian artistic titans and highlights their shared belief that art can facilitate a return to life.”

Compiled by Alyana Gonzalez

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Currently Accepting Applications for Fall 2019!

SVA MPS Art Therapy is currently accepting applications for Fall 2019!

SVA’s Master of Professional Studies MPS in Art Therapy is an immersive two-year, 60-credit program that prepares students to become licensed art therapists.  MPS Art Therapy is interdisciplinary in approach, integrating the experiential components of art therapy within a comprehensive framework of academic theory, clinical application via an internship program and art practice.  In addition to the coursework and internship components, we offer a robust program of lectures, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, and special projects, as well as opportunities for international study and studio time.  We seek out a diverse group of students as far as age, cultural background, and work experience, offering scholarships, part-time options and a flexible approach to make the program a possibility for students in a variety of circumstances.

Apply online today!

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“MySelf” Installation

“MySelf,” an exhibition of artwork and writings by people incarcerated on Rikers Island, opens today, October 4, 2018.   The opening reception will be held on October 11 from 5pm-8pm at 132 West 21st Street, 5th Floor.

Leslie Achitoff, MPS Art Therapy alumna and Director of the Creative Arts Therapy program at Rikers Island, prepping artwork

Leslie Achitoff, curator of “MySelf,” shared how the theme of the exhibiton arose from the participants of the Creative Arts Therapy program at Rikers Island with MPS Art Therapy student Jenny Asaro: “She discussed how the themes of identity, moving forward and regaining hope came up in various ways for participants during their time at Rikers. Leslie explained that because these themes are so apt for exploration in art therapy, it made sense to curate an exhibition that showcases this work.”

Merrill Stephens Cox, MPS Art Therapy alumna, prepping artists statements

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3 Questions for Lesley Achitoff

Image by Anonymous depicting hands holding bars in a jail cell, with a face that shows words and images cut out from magazines: 'BOLD', 'love', 'People', 'FAMILY', 'HEART', 'happy', 'STRONG', 'War', 'pain', 'Live', and an image of 2 children, as a part of a face

Lesley Achitoff (MPS Class of 2004) is the curator for the upcoming exhibition, MySelf: Artwork and writings created by people incarcerated on Rikers Island, on view October 4-November 16 in the MPS Art Therapy 5th Floor Gallery at 132 West 21 Street.

  1. Can you describe the work you do at Rikers Island?
    My job as Director is to coordinate the Creative Arts Therapy program, which consists of groups facilitated by licensed Art, Music, Drama and Poetry Therapists. Our first priority is to serve the patients in our various Mental Observation Units, and provide them with groups about 3 times each week. We have 10 LCATs on staff, and will be hiring more.
  1. What sort of therapeutic opportunities are available for people incarcerated at Rikers Island?
    Our program provides therapeutic groups in the areas of Art, Music, Poetry and Drama. We also hold Talent presentations to provide opportunities for the participants to share their many skills and abilities. Some of the group facilitators publish booklets of the patients’ work, which is thrilling for them, and which can be shared with their families and loved ones. We are part of clinical teams who provide Mental Health Counseling and DBT groups, and meet weekly to share information, in addition to online documentation. There are also programs to address the needs of MICA patients. Whenever possible, the LCATs of various modalities collaborate.
  1. What is the theme of this year’s show?
    The theme of this year’s show is MySelf, which includes the artists’ chosen ways of expressing their feelings about themselves, their hopes, their disappointments and their strengths. Creating work for this show is extremely therapeutic for our patients, as a form of self-expression and, very importantly, a way to share their humanity with a world that knows little about them but forms many assumptions.

The opening reception will be held Thursday, October 11, 5-8pm. It is open to the public.

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MySelf: Artwork and writings created by people incarcerated on Rikers Island


Additional viewing hours by appointment (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm), please contact [email protected] or 212.592.2610 to schedule.

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Fall 2018 Art Therapy Continuing Education Courses

SVA MPS Art Therapy is offering two continuing education courses in the Fall 2018 semester:

Art Therapy as a Career

Thursdays, September 20-October 11, 2018


4 sessions, 1 CEU, $150

Instructor: Jennifer Tedesco, ATR-BC, LCAT

This course will provide an overview of careers in the field of art therapy. Topics will include: the history and theoretical foundations of art therapy; methods and materials; art development, assessment and diagnosis; the use of art therapy in a professional and community setting. Sessions will consist of lectures as well as art experientials.

Register in advance.

Studio Art Therapy

Fridays, October 19-November 9, 2018


4 sessions, 1 CEU, $150

Instructor: Ayde Rayas, ATR-BC, LCAT

Join other art therapists and artists in studio work that is designed to heighten perception and sensory awareness. Combining an open studio and thematic approach, experientials will be used to explore personal and artistic identity, as well as facilitate an understanding of the art-making processes art therapists employ with clients. While designed for art therapists, the course is open to all, and geared to help tap into your inherent creativity.

Register in advance.


Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] with any questions.

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