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Mask-making in Art Therapy

Masks are ancient symbols of transcendence and power that have been used in traditions of every known culture. Creating masks in art therapy can help people better understand themselves and their relationships with others. Handmade masks foster the expression of … Continue reading

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MPS Art Therapy Student Highlight: Ali Competiello

MPS Art Therapy recently chatted with current student, Ali, about her SVA experience. Read the full conversation below! MPS Art Therapy: What drew you to Art Therapy? Ali: My photography senior project professor told me about art therapy because he … Continue reading

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Kinetic Family Drawing Assessment / Embroidery as a Grounding Method

The Kinetic Family Drawing assessment was developed with the aim of gaining insight into familial factors that might influence a child’s behavior. The assessment allows the child to reveal who the important adults in their life, both positively and negatively. … Continue reading

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Painting on a Reflective Surface

Recently, first-year MPS Art Therapy students had the opportunity to work on reflective surfaces through collaborative painting. The paintings contain the individual expression of each partner, plus implicit aspects of the relationship. Painting on a slick surface is different than … Continue reading

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The Draw-a-Bridge Assessment

The Draw-a-Bridge assessment evaluates where a client is in life. A bridge can represent various aspects of one’s life and provide insight into the individual. There are 12 variables that are typically used to interpret the Draw-a-Bridge assessment: Directionality Placement … Continue reading

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You’re Invited!

Interested in learning more about SVA’s MPS Art Therapy program? Join us at an upcoming event! All events are FREE and open to the public.

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Art Therapy and Occupational Therapy: Cotreating in Cases of Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury can result in many challenges: physical, cognitive, psychological, behavioral, and communicative. In order to look at how that can manifest, MPS Art Therapy students in the Clinical Topics in Trauma class were asked to draw a clock … Continue reading

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In-Class Experiential: Medical Isolation

When working in an inpatient hospital setting, it is very likely that an Art Therapist will encounter a patient who is in isolation. When a patient is in isolation, all those entering their room must wear protective clothing. Medical isolation … Continue reading

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Clinical Topics in Trauma: Working with Older Adults

Recently, second year MPS Art Therapy students enrolled in the “Clinical Topics in Trauma” course discussed working with older adults in a medical setting. As people age, many things change physically and mentally. Loss can become a presence in a … Continue reading

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MPS Art Therapy Faculty Highlight: Asilia Franklin-Phipps, Ph.D.

This year, MPS Art Therapy welcomed a new faculty member, Asilia Franklin-Phipps Ph.D., to co-teach the second-year course, Cultural and Social Issues. Asilia taught the course alongside Stephanie Gorski, ATR-BC, LCAT, who has been an SVA faculty member for many … Continue reading

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