Video, Painting, Process, and Art Therapy: Victoria Scotti (Class of 2005)

This video is a recording of the process of creating a painting The mind is a universe. Although not created in the context of art therapy, it is an exploration of recording the artistic process, which is also relevant to art therapy. In art therapy, both the product and the process are considered important. Often, a painting or a sculpture goes through changes and transformations before it is considered finished. Revisiting this process can help the artist/client with personal meaning making and insights. Whereas the artwork can be revisited over time, in the past, the process of creating it was only retained in verbal descriptions.

Today, when appropriate, a video camera or iPhone/iPad can be used to record the process of art making in art therapy and/or to create a video installation. Video has been used by contemporary artists for decades to create works of art. Many of our clients are familiar and experienced with video cameras, iPods and iPhones, and art therapists can add these media to their methods of working with clients. Using video in art therapy offers us a unique opportunity to explore and relive the process of art making.

Victoria Scotti is an alumnus of the MPS Art Therapy program at SVA and is currently in her first year in the PhD in Creative Arts Therapies program at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

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