MPS Art Therapy Class of 2013 Thesis Presentations

On Friday, April 19, the MPS Art Therapy Department’s Class of 2013 conducted its Thesis Presentations at the National Arts Club in NYC.

During the course of their training, students explored theoretical perspectives and clinical applications of art therapy. The integration of their work culminated in the research and writing of a master’s thesis. Presentations were organized following a developmental perspective from early childhood, through adolescence, and ending with adults. Through this lens students were able to highlight what is possible in the application of art therapy with people at different stages of life and with varying life experiences. Each thesis took a unique perspective reflecting the diversity and complexity of human experience, the individual interest of each graduate art therapy student and the broad scope of art therapy practice.

Class of 2013 Students and Thesis Topics:

Bethany Altschwager: The Role of the Digital in Art Therapy with School-Aged Children

Ann Ellen Goodstein: Puppet Making: Empowering Children, A View Through Current Perspectives in Humanistic Psychology

Paget Walker: Shared States of Consciousness: How Children Make Meaning with Parents with a Mental Illness

Mary Budd: Art Therapy in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Hina Suri: Fusion Beads as an Impetus towards Higher Forms of Artistic Expression

Esther Bleier: The Impact of Complex Trauma on Adolescence

Cara Mellea: “We’re not Homeless, we’re just misplaced”: Art Therapy in a Relief Shelter Following Hurricane Sandy

Francesca Cangeloso: Working Towards a Common Goal: Integrating Art Therapy into a Pediatric Hospital

Arianna Villarreal: Art Therapy and Giving Back  Back

Mona Luisa Diogo: iFeel: The New Therapeutic Language of the Techno-Digital Age

Kelly Merriam: Brief Sensory Based Art Therapy Interventions with At-Risk Adolescents

Sophia Saad: Art Therapy with Adolescents with Visual Impairments and Blindness

Jacqueline Tassiello: The use of Short Term Art Therapy in the Emergency Department

AhnHee Strain: Using My Senses, I Explore: The Process and Interactions between Sensory Materials and Adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Jennifer Wainstock: Artwork as a Reflection of Hidden Shame: Working with a Homosexual Young Man

Reilly Ingham: Art Therapy with Women in Recovery

Heather Montemarano: Incorporating Relaxation Techniques in Psychiatric Inpatient Art Therapy

Joshua Intrator: The Creative Process as a Metaphor for Empowerment: Working with an Artistically Inclined Client

Thesis Reception

A reception was held for family and friends in the National Arts Club’s Sculpture Court immediately following the presentations.

Thanks to Thesis Project instructors Eileen McGann and Lisa Furman, and congratulations to the Class of 2013!

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