Workshop for Russian Art Therapists

A group Russian art therapists and art therapy students, led by art therapist and photographer Alexander Kopytin, were in town recently for the annual Expressive Therapies Summit, and two MPS Art Therapy alumni had the opportunity to host a presentation and workshop for them.

The workshop, conducted in Russian by Val Koutmina (Class of 2011) and Irina Derkacheva (Class of 2012),  was designed to integrate two practices: that of mindfulness, and that of weaving, in application to art therapy. Irina presented on mindfulness-based therapies and DBT, and Val focused on the connection to weaving and the value of craft-based interventions in art therapy. The participants were eager to learn about the practical applications of techniques discussed. As a result, they were very engaged in both the mindfulness exercise and the weaving directive that followed.


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