MPS Art Therapy Alumni Residency Exhibition: PROCESS


During November 2014, MPS Art Therapy alumni Alexandra Caminiti, ATR, LCAT, (Class of 2012) participated in the Department’s inaugural Alumni Residency Program. Her work is now on view in the MPS Art Therapy Department 5th Floor Studio Space at 132 West 21st Street in NYC.

Exhibition Dates and Hours: January 12-30, 2015; Monday-Friday: 2-4pm, or by appointment

Exhibition Reception: Thursday, January 15, 6-8pm

Exhibition Statement: Creating art is a necessity in order for me to be a genuine and present art therapist in my work. This work is primarily focused on process, and the consequence of that has been the sacrifice of intentional and realistic representational form. The onus on the act of creating has alleviated the intolerance I have of errors in the representational image. When the people I work with have a concrete scope of their art/life, it feels imperative for me to create something of endless possibility for interpretation. Abstraction allows large concepts to be conveyed in artwork rather than a specific event, which is often necessary for me to work through ideas rather than dwell on incidences and get stuck in the concrete.

Artist’s Statement: The art I create is almost always a reflection of the climate of my life, as well as my current state of being. At this point color, line, and flow play important roles, appearing more significant and worked through than representational form. I’ve interpreted this as a response to the large amount of time I spend with psychotic individuals in my work as a creative arts therapist. Those with psychotic symptoms are often rigidly cemented to the concrete of their worlds, leaving little space for metaphoric understanding of their experience. As an inadvertent response, my own work seems to contain increasingly more abstract qualities, moving away from the concrete, perhaps an unconscious effort to allow space for interpretation and to make the interpretations innumerable for the viewer. Abstraction is the “quality of dealing with ideas rather than events,” and allows large concepts to be conveyed in artwork rather than a specific thing that happened.

Caminiti will also be conducting a workshop, Self-Care through Process Oriented Art-Making, on Thursday, January 29, 6-8pm. It is free and open to SVA students, faculty, and alumni.

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