SVA @ Materials for the Arts

Field Trip! Last Wednesday Val Sereno’s Community Access class went to Materials for the Arts for a fun-filled tour and a demo on a DIY recycled paper project involving scrap paper, a blender, a window screen, and lots of colorful collage materials. Thank you John Kaiser and everybody at Materials for the Arts!

This project is especially elegant because it encourages reusing and recycling materials that are readily available in all our daily lives. Envelopes from junk mail, scrap pieces of felt and used file folders all go into the process. It is a fantastic lesson in the creativity that can come from resourcefulness!

Materials for the Arts has it going on—everything from artist residencies…to free workshops…to MFTA TV.

Below, students pass around pitchers of liquid paper pulp to pour over a mesh screen. This is definitely something you could do in your kitchen!

Pass the pulp please

Selecting collage materials like dried flowers, tissue paper, and magazines:

Choosing materials

Dried leaves have new life

Papermaking @ MFTA

The results are beautiful and colorful!

Handmade recycled paper

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