Art Therapy as a Career

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First year student Francesca DeBiaso returned to her alma mater, Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, to present on her experiences in SVA’s Art Therapy graduate program thus far. DeBiaso was an art history major in undergrad and had a strong interest in social justice issues. The college asked her to come speak in front of students, faculty, and staff about the intersection of art therapy and social justice, especially as it pertained to her internship work with Artistic Noise. Artistic Noise serves court-involved youth ages 14-18 who have been previously incarcerated or are on probation. The mission of Artistic Noise is to empower the youth through the development of artistic skills and the safe expression of their experiences. This process gives them a voice in a system, and society, that has perhaps given up on them.

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Her talk also touched on the topics of life after college, career planning, applying to graduate school, defining art therapy and the therapeutic relationship, SVA’s graduate program curriculum, and SVA’s Special Projects offerings. Many of the students were deeply interested in learning more about how to combine art and psychology and were excited to learn how multi-faceted and relevant the field of art therapy is.

Text: Francesca DeBiaso; Photo credit: Khun Minn Ohn, Gettysburg College.

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