TRANS + SEXUALITY: Sexualities and the Erotic in Trans Communities Symposium

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Faculty member SJ Langer will be presenting at the symposium:

Accommodating for Bodies by SJ Langer, LCSW-R
How do we have sex with a body that does not function in the way we internally see ourselves? How can we position our bodies when parts are in the way or not there? This presentation will discuss the intersections between Trans* studies and Disability Studies and what we can learn from each other to accommodate for bodies that do not look or function in “traditional” ways. What is the psychotherapist’s role in exploring these aspects of the body and the psychological barriers which arise and complicate this conundrum such as gender trauma, sexual abuse and other trauma history? By using case material and research literature, this talk will explore the obstacles and creative solutions trans* people are inventing to more fully embody their sex lives.

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