Evolutions of Us

MPS Art Therapy’s Special Projects Program collaborates with a variety of populations throughout New York.  In their latest project, students work with the artists of the organization Being Neighborly.  Their work is exhibited in a show entitled “Evolutions of Us,” which is on view at SVA until March 10.

The Being Neighborly artists, formerly called the Healing Arts Initiative, are a group of self-taught artists. Twelve artists participated: Jenny Chan, Michael Johnson, El Kuumba, Ray Lopez, Linda Moses, Girl Negron, Georgia Redd, Aracelis Rivera, Vincent Salas, Cynthia Timms, Laura Anne Walker, and Lawrence Willoughby.  MPS Art Therapy students – Haylie Chang, Saeideh Golji, Laura Hetzel, Robert Huguenard, Andrea Juliano, Rebecca Rodas, and Gabby Simpson—worked with the artists to create work about their evolution as individuals and as a group.  They were assisted by Francis Palazzolo, of Being Neighborly, and Sheila Fontanive, an MPS Art Therapy alumnus.

The show is available to view by appointment.  Please contact [email protected] for more information.

MPS Art Therapy Students, Val Sereno, and Sheila Fontanive

Vincent Salas and his Shaman artwork

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