YOUR TURN: On View Through March 18


The spring exhibition is an important part of the MPS Art Therapy curriculum, allowing students to consider ways to involve the community in their work.  Usually included as part of the students’ supervision class, this year it has been offered for the first time as an elective course.


Liz DelliCarpini, faculty member and curator of the Spring 2017 Exhibition, says, “Art therapists generally work within traditional confidential bounds.  The exhibition allows the students to work outside those bounds, incorporating the community in the process.  This allows for marginalized populations to feel seen, and to feel like they have a voice.”


For the past few years the exhibition has featured a participatory aspect.  The public is invited to engage with the art and to respond.  This allows for a sense of reciprocity between the public and the artists.


“I find this year’s exhibition to be particularly touching,” says Liz.  “For the public to communicate with the students and clients directly, and to possibly have a direct impact on their lives, is a very moving experience.”

The show will run through March 18 at the SVA Flatiron Gallery.


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