Good Art: Bad City: November 6, 2017

November 6 work session: getting ready for the public reception this Friday, November 10, 5-7pm.  Join us!

Bishop asks Nic and Michal to paint his background red, while Gennesis asks Kayley to finish outlining the art images flowing from her self portrait

Angel and Mary mixing an orange skin tone

Angel directs Mary and another SVA student to develop his MLK portrait

Samantha works with Nic on her “balloon”girl

Lamont and Juwan paint a fiery hot sun in a dark universe on their mural with Francesca

Gennesis paints details on her self-portrait with Kayley

Gennesis admires her work. On Friday she’ll invite the public to paint her spirals of art

Bishop, Jenn, Francesca, and Gennesis are proud of the work they’ve accomplished together

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