Select Current Exhibitions in Chelsea

Gallery: Pace Gallery537 W 24th St.

Exhibition: Louise Nevelson, “Black & White”, February 1st-March 3rd, 2018

Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 10am-6pm

Photograph by Kerry Ryan McFate

Louise Nevelson is a pioneer of sculpture and site-specific installation. “Black & White” showcases a number of Nevelson’s iconic black and white painted wood sculptures, wall reliefs, and installations throughout her career.


Gallery: Andrew Kreps, 537 W 22nd St.

Exhibition: Barbara T. Smith, “Outside Chance”, January 18th-February 24th, 2018

Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 10am-6pm

Untitled xeroxes by Smith

“Since the 1960s, Smith’s work has demonstrated an engagement with issues of spirituality, gender, and power, making vital contributions to both feminist discourse, and the history of West Coast performance art.  The works in this exhibition focus on her early use of technology and her engagement with the scientific community.”


Gallery: Gladstone, 515 W 24th St.

Exhibition: Kasper Bosmans, “Chip Log”, January 18th-February 24th, 2018

Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 10am-6pm

Installation View

“For this exhibition, Bosmans investigates diverse cultural relics—taken from the realms of government, folk art, and technology—in order to establish new modes of reading the history of power and knowledge that linger in spaces between concept and material.”

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