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Exhibition: Cosima von Bonin: What if it Barks? – Authority Puree

Address: 456 W18th Street

Dates: February 23th – April 28th






WHAT IF IT BARKS? featuring AUTHORITY PURÉE, von Bonin’s first full scale installation at Petzel’s 18th Street location (her eighth show with the gallery), is marked by more curious incongruities. The artist’s marine motif is updated and extended in the gallery space to a sweeping fish farm: A group of polyester shark heads lurk in the open tops of wooden barrels—each jaw smirks, gnarling a soft toy rocket. Robed mackerel in synchronized display appear alongside bass-guitar and ukulele toting piscine beings, accented by 1970s-style short-board surfboards. But life is not all aquatic: Suspended from the ceiling an open, oversized cat food can exhales contiguous puffs. Printed on the side in white lettering are the words, “AUTHORITY PURÉE”. Von Bonin’s signature ‘rags’ or cloth paintings dangle from the gallery walls and dive deeper into nautical spheres.

—Claus Richter

Paul Kasmin Gallery 

Exhibition: Alex Katz: Cut Outs

Address: 294 Tenth Ave – 515 W27 Street. 10001

Dates: March 8th – April 12th

Alex Katz, Art © Alex Katz/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY. Photo by Diego Flores.







Paul Kasmin Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of “Cut Outs” sculpture editioned by Alex Katz. “Cut Outs” demonstrates the artist’s ongoing investigation into the properties of visual perception and the brilliance of surface as represented and rendered in the human figure. Since the 1950s, this dedication to figurative realism—informed by the scale and power of Abstract Expressionism and utilizing the graphic language of advertising that anticipated Pop—has marked Katz as one of the most inventive and technically achieved artists of the twentieth and twenty-first century.

Paul Kasmin Gallery_Article

Gladstone Gallery

Exhibition: Cyprien Gaillard: Nightlife

Address: 530 W 21st Street. 10011

Dates: February 23rd – April 14th








Gladstone Gallery is pleased to present Cyprien Gaillard’s second exhibition with the gallery in New York and the United States premiere of his film, Nightlife. Shot entirely at night over the course of two years, this three-dimensional film connects a series of divergent natural and cultural phenomena throughout Cleveland, Los Angeles and Berlin. Organized into distinct chapters, Nightlife optically, audibly and conceptually brings together an obscure yet significant mix of historical monuments and occurrences, forming a hyper psychedelic experience. This ambitious production ties together several key themes that recur throughout the artist’s oeuvre, such as cultural relics, preservation and entropy, and speaks to the multidisciplinary nature of his practice.

Gladstone Gallery Article

David Zwirwin

Exhibition: Wolfgang Tillmans: Hong Kong

Address: 525 W19th Street. 10011

Dates: March 26th – May 12th

Wolfgang Tillmans, hand on ankle, 2018






David Zwirner is pleased to present Wolfgang Tillmans’s first exhibition in Hong Kong at its newly opened gallery in H Queen’s, Central. Following the artist’s solo exhibitions at Tate Modern, London (2017), Fondation Beyeler, Basel (2017), Kunstverein in Hamburg (2017), and most recently his first show in Africa at the Musée d’Art Contemporain et Multimédias in Kinshasa (2018), this presentation will feature a broad selection of works that respond to their surroundings and simultaneously embody a self-contained environment. Including many new photographs not publicly shown before, the exhibition will juxtapose pictures of friendship and affection with views and angles of the world at large. An audio work in the stairwell generated from sounds of nearby pedestrian crossings adds a distinctly local dimension.

-Dylan Shuai, Rosanna Herries, Ridley Cheung


Compiled by: Work Study Student, Alyana Gonzalez.

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