Virtual Reality in Art Therapy

The evolution of technology has undeniably revolutionized our interaction with the world. From our cultural mores to our daily regimens, technology’s advancement has largely industrialized humanity. Even so, the presence of technology among various occupational sectors is remarkable. Its incorporation into the workforce has provided some of the most advantageous solutions to cataclysmic conditions experienced by mankind. Art therapy is among one of the rising industries to embrace such change; technology is being interwoven into the field in marveling ways. One recent groundbreaking method has been the exploration and benefits of utilizing virtual reality within the art therapy practice.  There are several websites and apps, such as Sketchfab and Tilt Brush, that allow you to view and create VR artwork that utilizes both commercially accessible and high-end equipment. This creates a nice segue into virtual reality art, allowing the viewer to experience the scale, volume, brushstrokes, and animated qualities of VR forms even if direct access to high-end VR art-making tools are limited.Utilizing virtual reality in art therapy allows the participant to fully immerse themselves in the creative process while harmoniously integrating self-enrichment, expression, exploration, and encourages dialogue between the participant and their inner world. Due to its infinite canvas capabilities, virtual reality offers endless possibilities to engage both therapeutically and creatively in art making.

Video provided by Tilt Brush by Google [2016].

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