Summer 2018 Continuing Education Courses

PDC-1026-A / Art Therapy as a Career
Tuesday, June 5-26, 6-9PM
4 sessions; 1CEU; $150
AhnHee Strain, ATR-BC, LCAT; art therapist, The Art Therapy Project

This course will provide an overview of careers in the field of art therapy. Topics will include: the history and theoretical foundations of art therapy; methods and materials; art development, assessment and diagnosis; the use of art therapy in a professional and community setting. Sessions will consist of lectures as well as art experientials.


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PDC-1023-A/ Studio Art Therapy Techniques
Friday, July 20-August 10, 6:30-9:30PM
4 sessions; 1 CEU; $150

Join other art therapists and artists in studio work that is designed to heighten perception and sensory awareness. Combining an open studio and thematic approach, experientials will be used to explore personal and artistic identity, as well as facilitate an understanding of the art-making processes art therapists employ with clients. While designed for art therapists, the course is open to all, and geared to help tap into your inherent creativity.

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