3 Questions with Lukas Prokes

SVA alumni, Lukas Prokes PhD, ATR, LCAT, received his MPS in Art Therapy from SVA and his PsyD in Clinical Psychology. Mr. Prokes divides his time between private practice and as a founder of a non-profit organization The Half Full Institute Inc., Mr. Prokes works with a wide range of emotional, behavioral, and adjustment problems, such as stress, anxiety, and relationship problems.

 Lukas will be giving a Community Lecture on Ethics and Technology on October 19, 2018.

 In your own words could you briefly explain what influenced the topic you will speaking upon?

 When I first thought about this topic, I knew I wanted to revisit traditional approaches and theories to ethics, given our current political climate.

I believe it is important to think critically about our contemporary love and hate attitudes towards technology, the social effects (both positive and negative) of technology in daily life, and how we define the ethical use of technology in counseling.

 You’re an SVA alumni. What ideas or experiences have you have obtained here that prepared you for the workforce after graduation?

For me, the defining experience I had at SVA that prepared me for the workforce after graduation was the combination of being in personal therapy and the professional internships, which were supported by knowledgeable and passionate onsite and school supervisors. The encouragement, inspiration and constant support from faculty members to discover our best potential as individuals and professionals had a profound effect not only on my immediate education but also on my experience in the workforce after graduation.

Having the knowledge you do now, what advice would you say to art therapy students to prepare for success?

I would tell SVA art therapy students to be open-minded when looking for a new job.  Don’t limit yourself to the job description of an art therapist.  There are many therapeutic occupations for which you will be qualified, and to which you can bring your love, creativity and unique perspective of this profession to your clients.  Try to connect with co-workers, supervisors, beyond your ideal job search – create positive work relationships, and those relationships will help to lead you to your success.


Community Lecture Series: Ethics and Technology

Friday, October 19, 2018


133/141 West 21st Street, Room 101C

Free and Open to the Public


Written and Compiled by SVA MPS Art Therapy student Adrian Smith


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