Animation project in “Methods & Materials” class

Alumnus and art therapist Stephanie Syfert visited Debi Farber’s “Methods & Materials in Art Therapy” class on Monday, 10/17 to lead students in a Stop Motion Animation workshop.  Stephanie, class of 2010, is an art therapist and case planner at HeartShare Human Services of New York and is working towards her licensure.


Students working on a stop motion animation project

Students working on a stop motion animation project

Students worked in four groups to create stop motion animations using different materials– paper, polymer clay, plastic figurines, and pipe cleaners.  They had an hour to work with the materials, which they documented and animated using iStopMotion on Mac laptops.  See their four animations by clicking on the links below.  Thanks, Stephanie!



Table 4

the flood

“Fisherman,” AhnHee Strain, Mary Budd, Francesca Cangeloso, Sophia Saad, Kelly Merriam, Cara Mellea
“Subway,” Esther Bleier, Julie Joen, Christina Gaffney, Jennifer Cubellis, Ida Marx
“Table 4,” Josh Intrator, Heather Montemarano, Reilly Ingham, Hina Suri, Mona Luisa Diogo, Debi Farber
“the flood,” Megan Nyhus, Arianna Villarreal, Jackie Tassiello, Ae Park, Erica Schlitz, Jennifer Wainstock


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