Clinical Topics in Trauma: Working with Older Adults

Recently, second year MPS Art Therapy students enrolled in the “Clinical Topics in Trauma” course discussed working with older adults in a medical setting. As people age, many things change physically and mentally. Loss can become a presence in a person’s life. In this class, the group focused on cognitive, visual, and hearing loss.

As an in-class experiential, instructor Irene Rosner David, ATR-BC, LCAT, PhD, provided students with earplugs and glasses with varying types of tape covering the lenses. She then asked the students to use these items while role-playing an art therapy session. This allowed students to develop empathy and a better understanding of what clients may be going through.

Following the roleplaying exercise, students reflected on what it was like to manage the impairments that were simulated. This experiential resulted in new perspectives, allowing these future art therapists to understand how they could better support a client with such impairments.

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