MPS Art Therapy Student Highlight: Ali Competiello

MPS Art Therapy recently chatted with current student, Ali, about her SVA experience. Read the full conversation below!

MPS Art Therapy: What drew you to Art Therapy?

Ali: My photography senior project professor told me about art therapy because he thought I could be influential in helping others tell their story using art as a medium. My senior project was a series of photographs documenting my life having an autoimmune disease and it helped me process and accept my alopecia.

MPS Art Therapy: How did you decide to come to SVA?

Ali: With College of New Rochelle closing, I interviewed at SVA. I liked the structure, organization, and emphasis on the art process. 

MPS Art Therapy: What is your favorite part of the program?

Ali: The support from not only my fellow students, but also the faculty. The understanding and cohesion within everyone in the program truly makes it feel like a community. 

MPS Art Therapy: Tell us about your internship: where, what population, and what you like about it.

Ali: I work at BronxCare Outpatient Psychiatry. I run individual sessions and I will be starting a group in January called Creative Arts Workshop. I really enjoy working there, I have a supportive and helpful supervisor who also challenges me to be the best art therapy intern I can be.

MPS Art Therapy: What is your advice for those considering a career in Art Therapy?

Ali: If you really enjoy helping people, this is a great way you can do that. Using art can break the barrier of uncomfortability that people feel. I would suggest trying it out for yourself and watch the magic happen! Immerse yourself in the art therapy experience – get educated on what art therapy is through a workshop or something before you jump in. Enjoy the experience and don’t be afraid to really open up to the process. 

MPS Art Therapy: Can you tell us about your image?

Ali: The picture is a drawing of me that was part of an experiential in my Groups class. We each had to draw our heads and our classmates added in our facial features. The goal was to build community and connection. It was a fun experience!

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