Community Access at MoMA The Museum of Modern Art

This week, MPS Art Therapy’s Community Access class went on a trip to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) this week to learn about the ways that the museum strives to be accessible to all visitors. Here, students had the opportunity to gain an understanding of what the MoMA has to offer for the community, including the clients they work with at their internship sites.

The Director of Community Access and School Programs began by providing a presentation about programming for individuals with disabilities. She then took the group on a “touch tour,” in the galleries, allowing students to touch (with gloves!) five bronze busts created by Henri Matisse. The touch tour is something that is offered to people who are blind and have vision impairments. 

Students also learned more about ways that the MoMA trains their “frontline” workers (those who interact with visitors the most) in regard to interacting with people with special needs. They also discussed some recent changes to the MoMA post-renovation.

Visiting museums can be so beneficial for many clients. Viewing art can bring up various things for people, as well as act as a conversation stimulus. Conversing about art is something anyone can do. The MoMA’s access program not only allows for group visits, but also allows for educators to go to an organization to bring art to the clients. This is especially fruitful for patients admitted to a hospital or otherwise unable to travel. 

There are many wonderful opportunities we can provide for the people we work with, especially being in New York City, and this visit to the MoMA demonstrates just one of them!

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