Envisioning the Ideal Environment for Personal Peace

First-year MPS Art Therapy student, Gracy Vidal, reflects on how envisioning an ideal environment, or “happy place” can have the power to positively impact one’s state of mind:

“This illustration was done at my first special project at the beginning of the semester. The theme was a “happy place”. On the inside, since this is the first time I would be taking a big step to help others, I was feeling nervous. My approach was to create a galaxy sky that would represent space, a happy place for me to be in. As I progressed, I added spontaneous elements such as an ocean, an island, palm trees, animals, a house, and a flying balloon. This entire piece became a hybrid of two happy places. Happy places where I could relax and let go of stress, where everything is calm and silent.”

Thank you, Gracy, for sharing your work and reflections!

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