Art Therapy student addresses SVA Master’s Degree candidates

On Thursday, May 12, 2011, SVA conducted Commencement Ceremonies for the Class of 2011 at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall in NYC.

Congratulations to the MPS Art Therapy Class of 2011:
Emily Alvarez, Sarah Amiel, Pooja Bakri, Gemma Burgio, Lia Morgan Camion, Lauren Chester, Liz Cruz, Sheila Fontanive, Karen Kang, Yaara Kastiel, Val Koutmina, Jenna Krauter, Rachel Kreisler, Jessica Maffei, Ayelet Mandel, Miriam Michelson, Victoria Schlimer, Jamie Shoneman, Emily Tweedy, Amanda Zucker

We’re also thrilled to congratulate Val Koutmina on being selected to address the Master’s Degree candidates at Commencement!

Please click here to view a PDF of Val’s speech, a quote from which is below.

“We are all of us works in progress. I hope you become who you are, and are nothing less. I hope you find, as Dr. Laing puts it, ‘what there is,’ and love it enough to share it with the world. We have often been told that knowledge is power. I believe that power without goodness is dangerous. The easy, convenient answer is no answer at all—that is myopia. May you choose consciousness, awareness, and truth. May you dwell in the ecstasy of the question aptly asked.”
— Val Koutmina


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