Alumni Update: Amanda Zucker (Class of 2011)

On June 10, 2012 I joined my colleagues and friends from the Green Apple Kids, on Governor’s Island for the Figment Art Festival, as we presented the Magical Meshy Mural, a community art installation for kids and adults alike, that asked participants to write or draw their wishes or intentions and add them to the collective ‘meshy wish wall’. FIGMENT is a forum for the creation and display of participatory and interactive art by emerging artists across disciplines. For more information about FIGMENT check out their website.

I met the directors of Green Apple Kids, Liza Mendel and Beatrice Tinio, last summer. Green Apple Kids (GAK) is an organization that promotes health and sustainable living practices. I worked with GAK providing after-school programming, workshops and teaching yoga to students, including pre-school students.

GAK has participated in the FIGMENT art festival in the past and asked for my help this year. I told them about a similar project that I had thought up with my colleagues, Val Koutmina, and Amelia Morgan Camion, during our time at SVA. The project was for Lisa Furman’s Group Art Therapy class. The idea was then adapted for an outdoor space.

At the FIGMENT festival we had about 400 participants come and add their wishes to our wish wall. We ran out of our wish tags, but that did not stop participants, who at this time were mostly adults, from finding a scrap of paper and attaching their wish. The participants seemed to feel compelled to contribute their wish to the piece.

Wish’s from the wall:
My wish or intent is for things to get easier for Marie.
My wish or intent is that the earth is safe for my children and grandchildren.
My wish or intent is peace in my heart and clarity in my head.

Afterwards, the GAK clan got together and deconstructed the wall, saving extra pipe cleaners and wishes tags. The wish tags are in the process of being documented for further viewing purposes. While reflecting on the piece, and the process, we found that most people had similar wishes, health, and happiness. As a facilitator of the project, art therapist, and mostly as a human, it is my wish for myself and for others to be safe, healthy and content. Hope you are seeing your intentions and wishes manifest this summer!

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