In-Class: Visual Narratives & Multicultural Issues in Art Therapy

During this past Fall 2012 semester, second year students in the MPS Art Therapy program’s Multicultural Issues in Art Therapy class visited the Museum of Arts and Design to view the Changing Hands: Art Without Reservation 3/Contemporary Native North American Art from the Northeast and Southeast exhibition.

The field trip was used as a springboard for students to construct an art piece, a visual narrative reflecting their own culture, family history, and upbringing. Some examples of the work are found below.

Reilly Ingham

Hina Suri

Sophia Saad

Francesca Cangeloso

Jacqueline Tassiello

Course instructor Val Sereno, ATR-BC, LCAT, described the assignment as an opportunity for students to explore their own cultural identities, combined with the exploration of a social issue that had been discussed during the semester. The final work could be in any medium, telling the story the student wished to convey. To help the students create work with depth and meaning they viewed work that had examples of artists’ reactions to being oppressed and marginalized. From this the students were able to visually learn as well as create dynamic pieces for their final project, and incorporate artmaking as a way to demonstrate understanding of concepts.

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